Sandidges Mill

Sandidges Mill (photo by Kelly Murphy and Jami Kontkanen)

Amherst County contains 100s of historic structures. Many of these buildings point to a by-gone lifestyle. A perfect example is a mill. Once a necessity (for sawing lumber or processing grains), these businesses (and ruins thereof) were usually surrounded by a small community because it became an important location for trade, exchange, and the processing of goods.

This week’s historic feature is the 1810s [corrected date, see comment below] Sandidges Mill, located in the eponymous town (west of Amherst, off Route 60). This small community once had a church, post office, and store.

An Old Advertisement for their Services (photo by Kelly Murphy and Jami Kontkanen)

Today the building lies in ruins, but you can still read the advertisement for “feed” and “flour” if you look carefully. They ground corn and flour for local farmers.

The photo below shows a mill race that once brought water to power the mill.

Mill Race at Sandidges’ Mill (photo by Kelly Murphy and Jami Kontkanen)

The mill closed in 1942 and the usable equipment was taken to Brightwell’s Mill. If you visit the Amherst County Museum & Historical Society you can view an old pamphlet that illustrates milling equipment from Sandidges Mill.