This blog was created by Dr. Lynn Rainville to share information about Albemarle County History (including the City of Charlottesville, Virginia). Human history in the area begins 1000s of years ago with Native American villages. This blog focuses on the past 300 years of history in the region, ca. 1700-2000 CE. Most importantly it’s about getting out and exploring community histories and sharing local knowledge. Please contribute historical tidbits that pertain to Albemarle County. And don’t forget to visit the homepage for this site to view links to local history websites.

Important note to Students & Researchers: This is an informal blog, NOT a fully cited, academic resource. If you are researching any of the topics discusssed here you should hunt down the original sources. While I will make every effort to fact-check my posts, the motivation behind this blog is to share my enthusiasm for local history and point out the abundant historic clues that surround us through place names, documents, landscapes, and artifacts. It is not a substitute for original, archeo-historic research.