Monasukapanough, Event

The first post on this blog was about Monasukapanough, a Native American village located along the Rivanna River. This Sunday the Quarterly Meeting of the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society will be held in the neighborhood of the archaeological site. Please join us at 2pm on September 23rd at 1701 Bentivar Drive for a talk given by Dr. Hantman (University of Virginia) and honored guests, members of the Monacan Indian Nation. Visit the ACHS website for directions and more details.

Computer Simulation of a Pomeiooc Village, c. 1585

The site was excavated by Dr Jeff Hantman and Jen Aultman for several years, but is no longer visible (the remains are preserved underground). In addition to archaeological data, several researchers have devised a computer simulation to recreate the appearance of a Pomeiooc Indian settlement (in North Carolina). The Monacan village may have contained similar features and efforts are on-going to try to reconstruct a Monacan site.

For a very informative and detailed website that discusses archaeological, historical, topographical, and ethnographic evidence for Monacan Heritage in the Piedmont, please visit the Virginia Center for Digital History’s project site called “Disappearing Indians ? A Case for the Continued Inhabitance of the Virginia Piedmont by the Monacan Indians.”