Rebuilt Synagogue

Beth Israel Synagogue

The Beth Israel congregation originally worshipped at the corner of Market and 2nd Street. In 1904, the government purchased the site from the congregation in order to make way for a post office. The old building materials were donated to the congregation and these materials were used to build a new structure at the corner of 3rd and Jefferson St. This building, in turn, burned in 1948, and the current building was rebuilt on the site. To learn more about the history of the Beth Israel Congregation, visit the on-line exhibit titled “To Seek the Peace of the City: Jewish Life in Charlottesville.” The interior of the synagogue contains an unusual series of windows that document the Biblical story of creation through stained glass.

UPDATE: 16 June at 2pm join Dr. Leffler for a tour of historic, Jewish C-ville. Tix are available from Anne Schwartz at 295-6382 or (Adults $12, Children $8). Proceeds benefit the Congregation Beth Israel Preschool.