Marchant's Manufacturing Building, Part Deux

Due to the wonderful comments in the earlier post, I decided to add a little more information about the Marchant Building off the corner of Dale Avenue & Harris (visible from Preston Avenue). The Sanborn excerpt below is thanks to the contribution of Bill Emory (read his original comment in the earlier post).

Marchant Sanborn Map

I edited the description within the building because it would not be visible at the scale necessary to fit in this post. Because Sanborn’s were made by a fire insurance company, they list details on construction and assets within structures. The main room in the Marchant building was described as a “pressing and stock room” on the 1st floor and a “cutting and sewing” room on the 2nd. And in this map the company is described as the H.C. Marchant Manufacturing Co., Inc., manufacturers of overalls and clothing. For a detailed description of the attendant Woolen Mills neighborhood, visit the Historic Woolen Mills site compiled by Bill Emory and his neighbors.