An Apple A Day...

Following on the fruit theme from the last post, what is 1,307 acres, 179+ years old, and 14 miles south of C-ville ? Answer: The Covesville Historic District. Created in 2005, the district includes 90 “primary resources” (buildings or features that have historic significance) that date between 1750 and 1954. Many of these buildings illustrate Greek Revival and Federal styles.

Covesville Map

The Peyton Map illustrates the significant structures as of 1875. Note the Cove Chapel (today the Cove Presbyterian Church).

Covesville Cider Store

As the name suggests, Covesville was one of the most successful commerical apple orchards in the state of Virginia. Today, one of the most visible historic structures is the Covesville Antique Store. The store was built prior to 1910 by the Boaz Family to sell the annual crops of apples and apple-products. The store was known for its smoked ham and for being racially integrated as early as the 1930s. In 2002, the store was bought by Sarah and Rick Ovenshire and has been renovated and re-opened as an antique store and country store.