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The earliest human inhabitants of this region were the Monacan Indians. The county was founded thousands of years later in 1761. This site focuses on European American, African American, and Native American families who lived in the county between the 1700s and the present. The blog posts use material culture (artifacts, houses, etc.) to illustrate the history of the Amherst community. This digital history website is managed by Dr Lynn Rainville (Director, Tusculum Institute at Sweet Briar College). Please contribute your stories about Amherst County History.

Amherst County recently celebrated its 250th anniversary. Human settlements in the area goes back much further. To learn about the Monacan Indian Nation, visit their website and museum.
Plan a visit to the Amherst County Museum and Historical Society and view their changing exhibits. Or, view an on-line exhibit on Virginia Indians.

If you are interested in African American history you can learn more about historic black schools in Amherst by clicking here. Or visit two external sites for more information on the Sweet Briar Plantation and the history of African Americans on the plantation and at the college.

Visit a related blog on Amherst's northern neighbor, Albemarle County.


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Contemporary stones often highlight hobbies, in addition to religious and/or mortuary motifs. This image is carved at the base of a modern-day granite stone. It features a treble clef and three note in a sharp key. Maybe this is the beginning of a favorite piece? If someone recognizes the piece, please email me at [lynn @ locohistory . org]. (29 March 2010)

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