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This digital history website was created by Dr. Lynn Rainville to share information about Albemarle County History (including the City of Charlottesville, Virginia). Human history in the area begins 1000s of years ago with Native American villages. This blog focuses on the past 300 years of history in the region, ca. 1700-2000 CE. Most importantly it’s about getting out and exploring community histories and sharing local knowledge. Please contribute historical tidbits that pertain to Albemarle County.

Explore the links above for more information about Amherst County and Albemarle County. Each county has an attendant "blog" (Albemarle Blog; Amherst Blog) with occasional posts about local artifacts and features. Visit our "Gravestone" archive to learn more about mortuary patterns in local cemeteries. And click on the "kids" menu for historically-oriented treasure hunts in Charlottesville.


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              of the Week

Lambs are popular symbols, especially on children's graves. Usually lambs are placed at the top of a stone, and occasionally are carved in 3-D. This lamb is more charismatic than most, with its two legs hanging off the oval within the headstone and partially sitting on a daisy. The deceased was an infant who lived less than 2 months.
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